Post-Operation Care

If you or a relative of yours had any of the said operations and wish to go through “returning home” period healthfully, that means that you need to be a guest in Bilge Hayatlar and take a health break, where:

ameliyat-sonrasi-bakim ankara
  • There are full time physicians and nurses,
  • There are physiotherapy physicians and physiotherapy infrastructure,
  • Patients are monitored full-time,
  • Chronic wound care is provided,
  • Palliative care is provided,
  • Sudden and emergency interventions are provided in case of disease attacks,
  • Respiration and swallowing therapies are provided towards breathing and swallowing problems that may arise post-operation,
  • There are physiotherapists providing fast movement ability with right exercise post-operation,
  • There are psychologists are psychiatrists who can solve your post-operation spiritual problems with right and rational approach,
  • There are social service specialists who can manage the social adaptation process,
  • Blood, urine, and culture examinations are provided regularly towards the individual’s health problem,
  • There is a specialist dietitian for right post-operation nutrition,
  • There are special physicians, nurses, and patient care staff 24/7,
  • Patients are informed and trained by specialist physicians, towards whatever their present diseases are, with a right and rational approach towards the disease, and where it is taught to be in peace with the disease.
  • We know that being healthy mean being in a good position in physical, spiritual, and social aspects, and we adopt providing services with a holistic approach as our principle.