Physiotherapy - Ankara

As we grow old, our bodies change inevitably. Due to aging, these changes include decreased bone density, decreased muscle strength, increased body fat, weak coordination, and harder joints. The normal effects of aging may affect the mobility and balance of elder people, and increase the probability of falling and breaking bones. All of these may have a big influence over the normal course of life, and may decrease their independence.

Elder people generally feel like they are not as quick and stable as they used to be, and may have more difficulty in going up and down on stairs, for instance. This may affect their ability to go out and move independently. However, we do not have to accept this as an inevitable part of aging. Even though physiotherapists cannot stop aging once and for all, they may mitigate its influence on our bodies and lives.

Physiotherapists are trained in order to determine physical and other factors that prevent people from being as active and independent as possible, and then they find ways to overcome these factors. This makes them very suitable to help elder people stay as active as possible. In fact, physiotherapy has been shown to improve many factors, which are related to aging, such as strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and pain levels.

As a result, physiotherapy has been proven by studies to help elder adults to protect their health statuses, their prosperity, their functional skills, and their independence. This is only available with a crew that work like clockwork. Thus, just like they have worked in every field, Bilge Hayatlar family is working in order to keep the life standards of our guests as high as possible with our crew, specialized in physiotherapy field.

We know that being healthy mean being in a good position in physical, spiritual, and social aspects, and we adopt providing services with a holistic approach as our principle.