Guest Profiles and Services

  • Guests who need speech and swallowing therapy
  • Guests who need rehabilitation due to neurodegenerative diseases
  • Guests who need geriatric rehabilitation
  • Guests who intermediary intensive care
  • Guests who are partially or wholly bedridden
  • Guests who are being fed via PEG
  • Guests who need inpatient physiotherapy service
  • Guests who need post-operation care
  • Guests who need terminal period patient care service
  • Guests who are connected to ventilation device
  • Guests who need post-operation care and rehabilitation after general surgery,
  • Guests who are treated with rehabilitation and cardiopulmonary therapy after CVS Cardiovascular Surgery) operations or orthopedic surgery

We know that being healthy mean being in a good position in physical, spiritual, and social aspects, and we adopt providing services with a holistic approach as our principle.