Welcome to Bilge Hayatlar!

Our facility is serving in Ankara-Yaşamkent with 43 inpatient bed availability on an area of 2,200 square meters. Our medical crew consists of physicians, nurses, and support staff, who are specialized and experienced in bedridden patient care. The facility has been designed and built especially to provide professional care service.

The medical infrastructure of the special care service has bene established just like a hospital, in accordance with hospital standards. The vital signs of the patients, such as blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature, are constantly monitored with bedside monitors. There is a central oxygen system, in order to be used whenever it is necessary.

In Bilge Hayatlar, the guests and their relatives are informed by specialist physicians about the present disease. Our guests are also being informed about using the right medicine, right movement, right nutrition, and right tracking against their existing diseases, and prepared to return home.

Why Bilge hayatlar?

  • Boutique Hotel Management services,
  • Bedside monitor and emergency paging system,
  • Bedside oxygen and aspiration system,
  • NG, urinary etc. applications,
  • 4-engine medical bed,
  • Wound creams special for treatment,
  • Special bath opportunity with stretcher.


We know that being healthy mean being in a good position in physical, spiritual, and social aspects, and we adopt providing services with a holistic approach as our principle.