What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care


Bilge Hayatlar Healthy Life and Rehabilitation Center provides palliative care services to patients who are bedridden for various reasons and need constant medical care and monitoring.

The facility was designed and built to provide palliative care service. Our medical crew consists of physicians, nurses, emergency medical technicians, and nursing staff, who are specialized and experienced in bedridden patient care.

The treatment and care plans of patients, prepared before-hand in outer centers, are performed by nurses under supervision of physicians. Their periodic blood examinations are performed regularly. The early diagnosis and first respond for the changes that may arise due to the health status of the patient are done by medical crew. In case advanced examination and treatment are required, the treatment of the patient is ensured to continue in contracted health care providers.

Treatment and care of all patients, who are bedridden due to cancer, CVO (stroke), ALS, or similar diseases, breathing with tracheostomy tube with mechanical ventilator, fed through PEG via their stomach, and require regular aspiration, are being done in Bilge Hayatlar Healthy Life And Rehabilitation Center.

The medical infrastructure of the special care service has bene established just like a hospital, in accordance with hospital standards. The vital signs of the patients, such as blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature, are constantly monitored with bedside monitors. There is a central oxygen system, in order to be used whenever it is necessary. Other than physiotherapy, the bedridden patients are provided with special swallowing and speech therapy.

We know that being healthy mean being in a good position in physical, spiritual, and social aspects, and we adopt providing services with a holistic approach as our principle.